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70MW Super Battery Plant Roof Photovoltaic Power Station Comes into Installation

3 Sept, 2017

According to foreign media, Tesla has finally begun to install solar roof arrays at the Gigafactory 1 Super Battery Plant in Nevada.

According to Tesla, it will be the largest solar roof in the world to be installed.

solar pv power station

It is reported that Tesla has another factory called Gigafactory2 in Buffalo. It is used to make solar energy products with hydropower energy as its driving force.

Gigafactory1 is a battery factory where Tesla is working with Panasonic to build batteries for Tesla Motors.

Tesla hopes to fully utilize renewable energy to power Gigafactory1, and in January last year Tesla announced plans to install a 70-megawatt roof array at the plant, the largest in the world and far beyond the second place .

Tesla said at the time: "The Gigafactory1 is an all-electric plant that does not consume fossil fuels directly and we can 100% use renewable energy with a 70-megawatt solar roof array and a ground-based solar array, which is seven times of the largest Roof solar system. "

To be fair, there are many far larger solar arrays on the ground, but Tesla refers to rooftop solar arrays.

Located in the middle of the desert, Gigafactory1 has a huge roof so it makes perfect sense to install solar energy on it.

But a year after the announcement, Tesla had no signs of installation until present. According to the latest Gigafactory1 satellite imagery, solar panels finally appear north of the plant.

It is not yet clear whether Tesla has adopted solar panels made by Gigafactory 2. Gigafactory 2 started producing solar modules last year and is now said to produce solar roof tiles as well.

According to media reports earlier, Gigafactory 1 covers a total area of 1,900,000 square feet, and is divided into multiple floors. Currently about 4.9 million square feet are operating space. Tesla said it accounted for only about 30% of the plant after the plan was completed.

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