Waterproofing for Distributed Solar Solution Installation

20 Aug 2019

Nowadays, the use of distributed solar solution has become more and more broad under the support and guidance of national and local government. It’s the mainstream in the future.

However, being in the introductory stage to market, the design and construction of distributed solar solution intermingles good ones and bad ones. In particular, rooftop waterproofing is easily to be neglected, which will influence the sense of experience for both solar system and users’ houses.

Therefore, rooftop waterproofing would be today’s theme.

Principles for Rooftop Waterproofing

The principle for rooftop waterproofing is “guiding instead of blocking”, which means leading water to ground while keeping rooftop without leaking.

For different kinds of rooftop, installers should handle with different methods depends on site conditions.

Concrete Flat Rooftop Waterproofing

For constructions under-building, bolts should be buried at the beginning. For built constructions, waterproofing structure should be designed above anchor plate and bolts, and sealing treatment should be down around anchor bolt, for example, filling with waterproofing gasket cement. In additional, adding waterproofing layer beneath anchor plate to avoid water penetrating into structural part.

The Using of Chemical Bolt

For built constructions with concrete roof, the thickness of roof must be checked when using chemical anchor bolt. For instance, pouring some concrete on rooftop to fix chemical anchor plate.

For slope rooftop covered with ties, installers should make clear drilling depth and paint waterproofing gasket cement on bolt.

Waterproofing for Metal Roof

On metal roof, solar solution will penetrate roof waterproofing layer and steel plate.

The penetrating spot should be blocked with gasket cement. Some metal plate with corrosion need to be changed before installing solar system.

To conclude, the installation of solar panels need to take sunlight, shadows and bearing weight, water drainage, water proofing into consideration.

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