Mr Metal Roof Solar system Solution
    May 28,2020

    FOEN & EUROPEAN SOLAR MARKET UNDER COVID-19 FOEN Group, a company with over 30 years' experience, which is one of the largest manufacturers for Aluminum profile in China with 1 332 000㎡ and 400 000 ton capacity per year, and the largest vertical electro line. We have QR Tracking record...

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  • Made-in-china online exhibition

    Made-in-china online exhibition Come on!Made-in-china network will jointly launch large-scale online exhibition activities with the Canton fair official synchronous Canton fair, global enjoy business opportunities FOEN online exhibition!Launched on June 15, and continued to promote the cloud exhibit...

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  • FOEN Klip-Lok Solution
    May 21,2020

    FOEN Klip-Lok Solution With the development of solar industry and the policy of the FIT rate, commercial solar project has become more and more popular in the world. FOEN Klip-Lok Solution will be your first choice. Most of the commercial solar project has been built in fact...

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  • FOEN Bracket 2MW Roof Project in Korea
    May 13,2020

    FOEN Bracket 2MW Roof Project in Korea Recently, with the new plan of renewable energy in Korea, FOEN has made a great step in Korean solar market. FOEN recently secured a 2MW projects of solar mounting system in Korea using its FOEN mounting series. The project is located in a factory building of S...

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  • FOEN’s Step Following the New FIT Policy of Vietnam Solar Industry
    May 8,2020

    FOEN’s Step Following the New FIT Policy of Vietnam Solar Industry With the recent release of new FIT policy of Vietnam solar industry, the market heats up again and people who are waiting for the policy are restarting with ambition.           The FIT2 for solar power i...

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  • FOEN Breaking News : Impress the World with I​​​nnovation Abilities and Precision Workmanship
    Nov. 18, 2019

    In recent years, The global industrial chain has kept focusing on not only the abilities of manufacturing but also the abilities of R&D, design, branding, marketing and service, which shows that the characteristic is not a simple linearity but a multi-dimensional network. FOEN Group started to p...

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  • FOEN's Participation to Fujian Promotion Association for Green Energy Technology
    Sept 27, 2019

    Recently, Fujian FOEN Group became one of the members of the Fujian Promotion Association for Green Energy Technology(established in 18th Sept,2013.), whose tenet is “mutual benefit and equality, advantage complementary, shared resources as well as win-win cooperation. The Photovoltaic Department of...

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  • FOEN in Dubai WDF Show
    Sept 24, 2019

    Welcome to FOEN booth at Dubai WDF Event. Booth NO.: Rachid C241 Date: 24th-26th September

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FOEN group now is among the China Top 5 Aluminum Profile Manufacturers and China Top 10 Best Solar Bracket suppliers, specializing in the production of aluminum profile, solar mounting system, window system, stainless steel tubes and curtain wall accessories.

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