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FOEN Breaking News : Impress the World with I​​​nnovation Abilities and Precision Workmanship

Nov. 18, 2019

In recent years, The global industrial chain has kept focusing on not only the abilities of manufacturing but also the abilities of R&D, design, branding, marketing and service, which shows that the characteristic is not a simple linearity but a multi-dimensional network.

FOEN Group started to provide OEM products for PV bracket companies in the industry since 2009. In 2017, FOEN Group has created his own brand and pivoted to independent R&D and production in 2017. The sales of FOEN photovoltaic product series are not only based in China, but also promoted to overseas markets in the meantime, especially in Japan, whose market growth is impressive.

In 2018, the export of FOEN PV bracket products to Japan accounted for 60% of the total sales volume of its Solar Bracket Department. And it is expected to export 360 MW to Japan in 2019, which will witness a significant increase in sales volume year-on-year. In addition to having a relatively high price-performance ratio, the robust group background has become another reason to attract Japanese trading companies, end customers and even the media in the industry. A few days ago, Japan's "PV EYE" magazine invited Vice President of FOEN Group, Kevin Huang, to conduct a special interview.


Vice President of FOEN Group, Kevin Huang

1 " Mediocre-stage Breaker" in the Photovoltaic Bracket Market

The reason FOEN solar photovoltaic bracket stands out in the market, apart from constant pursuit in excellent product quality,  is that it boldly breaks traditional design concepts and focuses on product breakthrough and innovation.

Relying on the upstream advantages of its own aluminum manufacturing and production, it aims to diversify the aluminum related products, such as replacing the traditional 6-series alloy with the new 7-series one, which can achieve a lighter and smaller "lightweight" target under the premise of maintaining the mechanical properties of the structure.

At the same time, FOEN group is no longer limited to the development of traditional photovoltaic supports but focuses on combining new energy with traditional buildings. In 2019, the newly launched waterproof sun room, full waterproof carport, BIPV roof, and Zero Energy House are aesthetic, practical and green.

Ground Projects

2 Innovation as Cornerstone, Quality as Fundamental

Nowadays, many PV bracket manufacturers have entered the Japanese market, which makes the competition even fierce, and the market share gradually narrowed. Yet under such circumstances, the sale of FOEN solar PV brackets are expected to grow by 60%. How does FOEN manage to occupy a place in the competitive market?

Vice President Kevin Huang stated that in addition to the innovative concept of subverting its predecessors and subverting themselves, FOEN also adheres to the rigorous spirit of craftsmanship to ensure product quality. It is this kind of dedicated, extreme, and demanding requirements on products that can achieve the goal of changing from follower to leader.

3 Innovation as Core, Service as Breakthrough

Since its inception, FOEN Solar Bracket Department has achieved remarkable results, not only thanks to the Group's strong and advanced hardware equipment and the business philosophy of Devoted to Catering for All Customer Needs, but also the Green Channel of the President to escort the emergency delivery.

FOENs excellent marketing team is constantly improving its vocational skills, industry information and service standards, so that customers can receive more professional and caring services. At the same time, closely combined with local distributor channels, its " Butler Service" runs through the three stages of pre-sales, sales and after-sales. More considerate services facilitate professional product sales.

In the future market development, FOEN will continue to rely on the sales of traditional optical brackets, and continue adhering to  the innovation-oriented, technology-powered, and quality-based requirements of the times. FOEN will keep striving to inspire the world with innovation and precision and write a new chapter in the development of the industry!

FOEN group now is among the China Top 5 Aluminum Profile Manufacturers and China Top 10 Best Solar Bracket suppliers, specializing in the production of aluminum profile, solar mounting system, window system, stainless steel tubes and curtain wall accessories.

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