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Post Subsidy Era of FOEN Solar Brackets

21 Jun, 2018

In 2007, China's solar industry has ushered in a new era and entered the first year of development and breakthrough. About 53.06GW of solar installed capacity was added; Solar pioneer projects were increased to 22; solar of poverty alleviation as a national targeted poverty alleviation project was continued to advance steadily; More than half a million in residential solar were added.

With the rapid development of the solar industry, many enterprises have been attracted to this huge pie and entered the market. For the solar racking system, due to the relatively low technical content and low threshold of entering the market, steel, aluminum alloy and other enterprises have stepped into the solar mount business.

ground solar mounting system

FOEN Solar Racking Systems

The ensuing price wars, poor quality, fake delivery and other market disruption have often been occurred. In early April 2018, after a gale in shandong province, not only did the smog blow away, It also blew over a solar power station installed on the roof of a supermarket in huimin county, It's a wake-up call for the whole solar industry.

More serious is that chaos is not resting on the domestic market, in the process of solar brackets export, there are also some problems such as ground pile fracturing, bracket cracking and so on. As a result, domestic solar enterprises are faced with complaints, it causes great damage to the reputation of China's solar industry.

“In the distributed solar market, especially in the household solar market, there is no rule of good health.” Katherine Hsu, sales director of the solar brackets department of FOEN, said, “In previous years, many customers paid more attention on price than brand, but with the competitive logic of the market is changing quietly, The attention of customer becomes more comprehensive, for example, they will focus on strength examination”.

FOEN Solar Brackets Saler

Katherine Hsu, sales director of FOEN solar brackets

It is the status quo of the solar brackets industry that the development of domestic market will be slow due to the chaos and lack of standards. However, as the "backbone" of the whole solar system, the solar bracket bears the mission of safe operation of the solar power station, said Katherine Hsu, as for the solar mounting system enterprises, we should base on product quality, good internal skills and healthy competition.

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FOEN group now is among the China Top 5 Aluminum Profile Manufacturers and China Top 10 Best Solar Bracket suppliers, specializing in the production of aluminum profile, solar mounting system, window system, stainless steel tubes and curtain wall accessories.

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