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Solar carport conquer complex terrain and waterproofing properties

25 Jun, 2018

In recent years, along with the high-speed development of solar industry, the application of solar power generation is increasingly integrating with agriculture, farming, mining, ecological management, and other industry convergence, open up all kinds of new application model of "photovoltaic +". In the 2018SNEC exhibition, various end applications such as solar water pumps, solar street lamps, solar trees and solar consumer products are also shining. Among them, as one of the easiest ways to combine with architecture, solar carport system has become a new growth point for many solar bracket enterprises in low profit era. FOEN also exhibited its "all-waterproof solar car park solution" in 2018SNEC.

Flashing for FOEN Solar Carport

Flashing for FOEN Solar Carport

With the global energy system accelerating its transition to low-carbon development, Katherine Hsu said, the combination of carport and architecture is becoming the favorite in overseas market. As the backbone of the solar power station, the solar mounting system solution should first conquer the complex terrain. For example, because Japan is on the vanishing boundary of the Eurasian and Pacific plates, the volcano and earthquakes frequently occur. According to statistics, Japanese most harmful earthquakes occur once every three years on average; More than 20 percent of the world's earthquakes with magnitude-6 or above occurred in Japan. Therefore, Japanese is very demanding in terms of architecture, as early as 1980, the goal of 100-year architecture wasproposed. In 2007, the liberal Democratic Party of Japan proposed the concept of "200-year house", that is, the structural life of the house can reach 200 years.

FOEN Solar Carport Structure

FOEN Solar Carport Structure

This is almost the most severe test of solar racking structure, “especially to aluminum solar mounting solution, the mistake consumers have is that aluminum profiles are not as rigid as steel, they feel more comfortable to choose steel.” Katherine Hsu referred, “In order to conquer the "land of earthquakes", aluminum alloy enterprises need to go through reasonable design and continuously carry out mechanical simulation tests with hard guide software to realize safe support.“

In addition to the construction requirements, the Japanese market also has a feature, that is, waterproofing requirements are also strict in the early stages of construction. "Waterproofing" is seen as a minimum guarantee of building by its real estate and construction companies. "At present, most of the waterproof treatment is rubber seal, but one problem is rubber ages, especially when solar power stations are installed in sunny places, which can age in about 3-5 years and require maintenance”, said Katherine Hsu.

In order to solve this problem, FOEN took example by its technology in aluminum alloy doors and Windows, solar curtain walls and energy-saving passive houses in the near future delivery of Japanese high solar carport project, based on optimizing the carport at the top of the internal structure, the rain could be oriented to collect and emission through the waterproof system, the inner environment under the carport is effectively protected without rubber strip sealing.

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