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Top 5 Aluminum Extrusion Plant in China -- FOEN Group Step Forward into Vietnam Solar PV Market

8 Apr,2019

Vietnam is one of the Southeast Asian countries with abundant clean energy like solar and wind power. In recent years, the swift development of Vietnam economy contributes to the soaring of domestic electricity consumption. In Paris Agreement, Vietnam committed increasing 5GW in PV by 2020 and electricity production by solar power will be 20% of the renewable energy in 2030. With the support and guidance of government policy, PV industry is thriving in Vietnam.

During Apr. 3rdto 4th, 2019, the Solar Show Vietnam was held in Ho Chi Minh City. As one of the biggest manufacturers for PV products in Fujian, FOEN Group participated in the show.

Professional Sales Managers’Introduction for Clients

Whilst attending Solar Show, FOEN exhibited the GM, Tile Roof and Metal Roof solutions, displaying how aluminium brackets are applied in solar PV station. With great increase in installation capacity of distributed, domestic and commercial markets, FOEN will supply liable and highly cost-effective bracket products to Vietnam, so as to promote healthy and sustainable development in Vietnam PV industry.

In the years to come, FOEN Group will focus on core technology and commit ourselves to distributing products designed with intelligence all around the world; supplying cost-effective solar brackets with elaborate quality based on different market demands; and giving full play to our industrial superiority of integrated manufacturing and marketing, so as to expand the application of PV technology globally.

FOEN group now is among the China Top 5 Aluminum Profile Manufacturers and China Top 10 Best Solar Bracket suppliers, specializing in the production of aluminum profile, solar mounting system, window system, stainless steel tubes and curtain wall accessories.

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